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(Paper Doll Publishing, 2013)

A tale of sisterly love, family flaws, and middle class memories that chronicles twins Cate and Alice's upbringing in a city on the brink of destruction. Co-raising a baby, dealing with long lost lovers, and navigating family dynamics are just some of the many complexities in this wacky, heart-breaking novel. SWEETHEART DEALS has been hailed as perfect book club fodder.

Sweetheart Deals Kindle Cover 11-30-19 FINAL.jpg
(Indie Reads, 2017)

When Andrew’s wife dies unexpectedly, he and his daughter find solace in the privacy of their Queen Anne home. But as days become weeks, and evidence mounts that the two have not left the house since the funeral, neighbors begin to wonder what’s going on in that great, big house on the block. A powerful exploration of grief, privilege, and the power of imagination.

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THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME (Paper Doll Publishing, 2010)

THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME spans two generations in Detroit and chronicles the coming of age of its mother and daughter main characters. Shaped by the historical, social, and political climates of their times, the women grapple with the realities of friendship, love and loss, and the beauty of finding meaning in the midst of the complexities of being alive. 

Song Remains the Same Kindle Cover 12-1-19 FINAL.jpg
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